Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Alphabet Soup.. 10 letterforms

Working with negative space and type.

Byron Gronseth

Jason Kay

I love the idea of layering different letters and playing with the negative and positive space, something I may take into account when producing my ten letterforms.

Sharon Pazner

A more 3D approach... I think this is really interesting and worth experimenting with when developing my own work.

Damian Kidd

A great example of negative space used within an entire typeface, and other good typefaces to work with on his website http://damiankidd.co.uk/typefaces.html

Thursday, 23 September 2010

How To Avoid Getting Lost

We gathered research by looking at different maps that we have found from around Leeds, noting the different styles; which ones are the most trendy, efffective and most importantly to the point.
I started looking at different styles of printing. I like these examples as they are kept simple but still look trendy, I especially like the idea of printing onto parcel paper.