Thursday, 28 October 2010

What is Graphic Design? ...'Amidst all of the hype of modern design and computers, we have remained true by generating the majority of our designs by hand, viewing the computers as a tool and not letting it dictate our designs.'

Roel Wouters 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'

A video directed by Roel Wouters starring his brother and son... simply about the fun of drawing letters.
Roel Wouters

 John Burgerman

Some interesting illustrations by John Burgerman which are almost rough and doodle like, something that cannot be created by computer alone. These images are interesting to look at and have been successfully used to make packaging, footwear etc. look aesthetically pleasing.

Kate Moross

Some great text, which has initially been handrawn.. and has not let computers take control of the design. By doing this I feel that it has given it a free, fun and funky look... obviously aimed at a young/ teenage audience.

Zune Arts Posters

'Cunt.. Words look much nicer when they're hand lettered'
Alison Carmichael

Mr. Keedy

Seb Lester

Friday, 15 October 2010

What is Graphic Design? ...'Appropriate, creative, organised, structured... design lives in the detail.'

Wallpaper*'s cover design

This cover uses a clever technique using vertical lines on acetate to create the illusion that the image beneath is moving. A complex idea that produces a simple result, that pulls the reader in and allows them to interact with the graphic.

Rudd Studio updates Channel 4's splintering logo

"We made many of the open air elements five years ago so they wold incorporate video or photographic images, this device has helped the channel's latest identity to endure well, and we chose to keep it." Matt Rudd

This new graphic has produced a more cubist feel.. focusing on the simple geometrical shapes and the images shown behind the logo. Surprisingly this complex approach to the redesign has still remained recognisable as Channel 4's logo, even with only small details of the original revealed.

eBay's 'Box with a Message'

A re-usable shipping box, which allows the users to leave the recipients messages. I love the simple illustrations used throughout to make it appealing, which will be recognised by customers as a package sold through the website eBay, so a good device of self promotion. It is also a greener alternative as it could potentially cut down on the worlds use of packaging that is less friendly for the environment.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

What is Graphic Design? ...'Simple and Effective'

Graphic design is a creative visual arts discipline that encompasses many areas. It may include art direction , typography, page layout, information technology and other creative aspects. This variety means that there is a fragmented landscape for design practice whithin which designers may specialise and focus.
The Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris

 Scott King, Joy Division, 2 May 

Scott King

"There's no point in doing decorative design.. it would just interfere with what I had to say..."

Leo Burnett, Think!
 This message is presented in a child's handwriting to highlight the importance of parents setting a good example for their children. This is a good example of a designer's power to use simple, yet effective methods to change people's behaviour and make them change their actions.

The Team, Big Lottery Fund
These posters deliver a simple yet memorable message through the use of symbols. Teamwork (circle), service excellence (star), accountability (plus sign) and valuing people (tick).

'Brings home the message that in some parts of the world it is easy to step in something nasty.'

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


This is a title sequence by Kuntzel and Deygas for the film Catch Me if You Can. It is both memorable and visually stunning. This sequence depicts the world's most successful con artist featured in the film.  The slender figures run through environments that symbolise key plot points from the film, and are accompanied by a floaty, 1960s jazz-era score.

Fresh Watermelon Picnic
Breast Cancer
A couple of sequences by a photographer called Joan Seal. Theres something quite humorous about 'Fresh Watermelon Picnic' showing the different stages of watermelon falling on a woman's head.

Realistic Airplane Crash.... a humorous take on airplane safety instructions.

I love Ikea's way of communicating instructions, they are so clear accurate and easy... an idiot could follow them. They also feature the funny little confused character to give it a bit of personality.