Monday, 10 October 2011

What is design for print?

Stock options and print finishing

Branding and Identity

I am a big fan of Seb Lester's work, and this is one of his most recent works. He tends to work a lot with screen print and foiling in his type. These pieces in particular are a classic metallic gold on black and a contemporary dark chrome on white. Surprisingly, it is the black that's printed on to gold stock, and the white that's printed on to chrome stock – something that's a little clearer when you see the prints drying on the rack. These pieces are so extravagant, yet he manages to make them look not tacky, a mistake than can be easily done when using metallics I think.

Packaging and Promotion

This book is celebrating Mulberry's 40th anniversary. The front cover itself is slightly embossed, but what I really like is the packaging. It consists of of a simple plain parcel stock wrapped with ribbon with a gold tag which is debossed. Mulberry is famous for its sought after handbags and leather goods, and the packaging definitely communicates luxury. The package also includes metallic stickers.

Publishing and Editorial

This is the fifth edition of Los Logos, a book that delivers an overview of developments and advancements on current logo design. I really like the contrast between the matt uncoated stock and the foiling. The design is kept simple to keep with the logo theme, but a touch of sophistication is added with the foiling, making it stand out. The foiling has added a slight de-bossing to the cover as well.

This is Wrap's second edition which showcases the work of various illustrators. Each page is wrapping paper printed on 100% recycled stock. The reason I chose to put this on my blog is because of the interesting way in which CMYK is used on one design in particular, which just so happens to be on the front cover as well. Four different designs are layered over each other, each printed in one of CMYK. Not only is every page useable wrapping paper, but the back page is printed on slightly heavier stock and perferated so that they can be used as postcards.

Information and Wayfinding

This infographic book contains data on the importance of megatrends and their impact and opportunities for and within Austria. The type on the cover is cleverly debossed in the shape of the country itself. Both great looking and appropriate to the content.

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