Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Good is...

I have started looking at some good mailshot designs to influence the one I am going to design. I want a unique and interesting net to work with that will contain three postcards and possibly an information page about the carnival.

A simple design inside an envelope. Opens up like a book, and holds all insert inside a pocket, basic yet effective.

I like this idea of different elements of the same mailshot being delivered separately and then coming together at the end. It makes a game out of it and allows the consumer to interact, which makes it memorable.

I love the idea of making the mailshot three dimensional and having it contain something, in my case it could be a piece of African jewellery. However it wouldn't be very practical when it came to mailing it. Perhaps it could be something to give out at the carnival itself.

Using dye cutting and revealing different textures underneath is a possibility.

A nice, simple folded square package.

Just like unwrapping a present...

This is great, and would work really well with my postcards. I like the mixture of different stocks, it makes it more interesting.

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