Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Top 10

Possible channels for my top 10...


Although Viva is primarily a music channel, in the evenings it does show programmes such as Fresh prince of Bel Air, South Park and Jackass. The fact that any programmes shown are in the evenings show that the channel has a more adult audience, which is of course one of the requirements of my top ten programme, otherwise I may be seen as promoting alcohol to kids!
All of the the programmes that Viva airs are light hearted or comedy, this would work well with my top ten as it supposed to be something not to be taken too seriously, with a light hearted edge.


I have always seen E4 as a light hearted, funny television channel, not only because of the amount of comedies it shows but also because its whole brand gives off this kind of feel. It comes across young, hip and has a modern sense of humour which I think would work really well with my top ten.
E4 also shows a lot 'top'  programmes, including the recurring one 'Rude Tube' which shows the top most recent YouTube videos.
This channel is also known for it's witty humour within its Estings, which are created by the public and posted on their website, E4 then selects the best ones to be shown on TV.


Dave is a channel that is aimed at young men and gives off a strong and noisy personality. It shows programmes and quiz shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Top Gear. Although I think my programme would be watched by this channels audience, I don't want to rule out females as I think that they would watch it too. Dave has a very specific audience, and I think that my programme could appeal to broader range of people. 

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