Thursday, 20 September 2012

Collaboration with Will

I met with Will, and we shared some ideas on what we want to collaborate one. We came to the conclusion that wall pieces, surface pattern, interiors and retails graphics combined is the route to go down. We also shared some initial research, images and designers that we think could work for this project. Our subject matter is human and animal anatomy and mechanical studies.

These sketches are by illustrator and graphic artist, Adolf Lachman. I love how he combines anatomy with machinery in his work, this was my initial inspiration for the direction we are taking with this brief.

Will came across a designer call Josip Kelava, these pieces in particular are really relevant to what we are wanting to do. I think that the mixture of type and image works really well. The contrast of the intricate, detailed anatomical drawings against the clean cut typography is really effective.


In terms of media, me and Will have decided to experiment with different print and production methods. Layering different materials and three dimensional print is also something we are interested in finding more about.


 Daniel Widrig is an artist and architect and experiments with different layers, levels and textures in his work. The bottom image is called 'Drapery' and is made from polystyrene using a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control). I love the play with texture and curves, but it may be hard for me and Will to achieve this effect on our own. The top images of 'Pathfinder' however may be easier for us to accomplish.

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