Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I have researched into the styles of Harajuku, which is a place in Japan that youths gather every Sunday, dressed in different styles and fashions of Japan.

Harajuku (原宿) in Japan refers to an area around Harajuku train station. Harajuku style is a japanese fashion adopted by the teenagers and young adults in the area and its side streets which have many boutiques, trendy stores and used clothes shops.
Japanese Harajuku Girls and Harajuku Style has been used to describe teens dressed in many fashion styles ranging from Gothic Lolita (also gothic loli) Visual Kei, Ganguro, Gyaru, Kogal, to "cute" Kawaii style clothing. 

harajuku girls
Young adults in Harajuku may also be dressed as anime or manga characters (known as cosplay).

The different styles of Harajuku...

Gothic Lolita

Visual Kei


Kawaii & Decora

Ganguro & Kogal

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