Friday, 15 October 2010

What is Graphic Design? ...'Appropriate, creative, organised, structured... design lives in the detail.'

Wallpaper*'s cover design

This cover uses a clever technique using vertical lines on acetate to create the illusion that the image beneath is moving. A complex idea that produces a simple result, that pulls the reader in and allows them to interact with the graphic.

Rudd Studio updates Channel 4's splintering logo

"We made many of the open air elements five years ago so they wold incorporate video or photographic images, this device has helped the channel's latest identity to endure well, and we chose to keep it." Matt Rudd

This new graphic has produced a more cubist feel.. focusing on the simple geometrical shapes and the images shown behind the logo. Surprisingly this complex approach to the redesign has still remained recognisable as Channel 4's logo, even with only small details of the original revealed.

eBay's 'Box with a Message'

A re-usable shipping box, which allows the users to leave the recipients messages. I love the simple illustrations used throughout to make it appealing, which will be recognised by customers as a package sold through the website eBay, so a good device of self promotion. It is also a greener alternative as it could potentially cut down on the worlds use of packaging that is less friendly for the environment.

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