Sunday, 10 October 2010

What is Graphic Design? ...'Simple and Effective'

Graphic design is a creative visual arts discipline that encompasses many areas. It may include art direction , typography, page layout, information technology and other creative aspects. This variety means that there is a fragmented landscape for design practice whithin which designers may specialise and focus.
The Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris

 Scott King, Joy Division, 2 May 

Scott King

"There's no point in doing decorative design.. it would just interfere with what I had to say..."

Leo Burnett, Think!
 This message is presented in a child's handwriting to highlight the importance of parents setting a good example for their children. This is a good example of a designer's power to use simple, yet effective methods to change people's behaviour and make them change their actions.

The Team, Big Lottery Fund
These posters deliver a simple yet memorable message through the use of symbols. Teamwork (circle), service excellence (star), accountability (plus sign) and valuing people (tick).

'Brings home the message that in some parts of the world it is easy to step in something nasty.'

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