Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Illustration With Type

 Another book I have been looking at, 'New Illustration with Type'. This is quite similar to some of the type I have already been looking at, but also had a few gems in there that have sparked some ideas for me.

Some graffiti art. I don't intend to go around the streets graffitiing, I was initially attracted to these images because of their aesthetic value. I really like the contrasting colour combinations and the thick, bold black outlines that make them pop out at you. Although nice to look at they are a little illegible.

Something I have come across a few times before and have always really liked. An innovative way of using type on different surfaces, and experimenting with different medias to make your idea different.

This I really like, but it would be quite hard to achieve myself. I might experiment with inks however that may create a similar, yet more hand rendered effect.

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