Sunday, 17 April 2011

Playful Type

To help with the development of my designs I have been looking at a book called Playful Type. I really like some of the designs and it has opened up my mind to how different type can be when you play around with it and just be a little bit creative.

A really nice invent full way to make a word that little bit different. The way it literally leaps out of the page is both attention grabbing and and aesthetically pleasing.

This hand rendered piece is lovely, and i can particularly see it working with conversations, as the letters and words flow together and are interlinked just like a conversation.

I think I want to use a similar style to this with the quote from a conversation I overheard at college, 'I heard that Prince William is Friends with Snoop Dogg'. I think this would work well as incorporating image with type would highlight the difference between the two personalities of Prince William and Snoop Dogg. 

I love this image, the colours are attractive but also the individual words are illustrated in a way that communicates its individual meaning, something that would definitely work when using illustrative type when communicating conversations.

I like how these phrases have been illustrated, they remind me a bit of the work by Kate Moross that I have looked at previously. I am really fond of Kate Moross' work and I can see the similarity in style here.

 I love the media used here, it would definitely work well within my project and I intend to buy some etching boards if I can find some!

 Brilliant how the words themselves have been used to create an image.This may prove to be quite difficult to do myself but worth a try.

Words that have been created by shaping and moulding salt on a flat surface. I really like the temporality of this, which is quite similar to a conversation itself... passing conversations I suppose are rarely recorded and are gone without anyone realising.

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