Friday, 20 May 2011

What is graphic design for?

John sent out an email containing a few links that he thought we would find useful. I've had a look and although most of them are quite hard to understand entirely because they aren't in English, I have come across some work that I quite like. The first is the logo Tiypo, which as far as I can tell is a font archive.

This is the main logo for the site. Obviously this is aimed at the graphic designers and typographers out there. I love the simplicity of the idea to just misspell the word 'typo' which is something all graphics nerds will be giggling to themselves about (including myself). Also I love how the i has been formed from the stem of the y, its subtle adjustments like this that make a logo interesting.

I think its great how they've made the logo in various different fonts yet is still recognisable as their own. It's not only a clever form of branding, but really relevant to their site of lists of fonts.

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