Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What is design for screen?

Brief Use your design context blog to document your ongoing investigation of design for digital media. Investigate the question 'What is Graphic Design for?' by exploring a wide range of contemporary design practice.

The first thing I thought of when responding to this research brief is the Iphone and Ipad. It seems obvious that the many apps are great examples of good design for screen, particularly because they use modern technology to allow us to interact directly with images on screen. whether the apps have a practical purpose or are solely there for our entertainment, their is no arguing that they are massively engaging and very successful examples of design for screen.

Another thing I directly thought of is opening title sequences for films. I have come across some excellent examples that are great for setting the mood before a film and initially engaging the audience. I particularly like these title sequences that reflect the style of Saul Bass.

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