Saturday, 12 March 2011

Change of direction...

After our group crit with Jo and Amber we felt that we needed to take our brief in a different direction, focusing on changing well known signs into 'lies'. For example one of the ideas we came up with is 'Don't walk on the grass... run'  or 'please tread on the flower bed'. Before elaborating on these initial ideas and creating some designs, I decided to do a bit of research to help with some inspiration. Firstly I looked for some existing signs that would be good to change, and some funny signs that have already been changed by others...

A lot of these signs had me giggling out loud and are definitely of the same tone of voice I want our project to have, something to discuss with the group on Monday.
Also whilst researching I came across signs that are placed around the public by a man who calls himself Craig.  Definitely an inspiration to the designs we intend to produce, appropriate tone of voice for our project and seem to be well known and a hit across the internet. 

I think these signs are brilliant and very funny. The simple and kitsch designs make them work. I think that when we design our posters to put around college and the public we should keep a similar style so that they mix in with the surroundings and only upon closer inspection do people realise what they are actually saying. Hopefully this will make our lies all the more convincing. 

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