Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Image... Down under

Worldwide Graphic Design: Down Under. A book about contemporary graphic design from different parts of the world.

Jen Hacking
Some nice simplistic illustrations of buddhist monks. 
 I think that this pattern reflects a similarity to my own illustrative style.
 Pratycja Jachimowska. Really simple, using symbolism and key characteristics of a geisha to get the message across.
 Heath Killen.
 Nathan Gray. I need to consider different angles of the face when creating my own drawings. Peoples profiles can look really nice and have a lovely shape to them.

 Jason Angeles. Mixed media and a sort of collage to illustrate where the person comes from.
 Nanami Cowdroy. Interesting choice of materials to work from, works really well. I like the illustrative style, merging pattern and picture together. Reminds me a bit of Si Scotts style of work.
 Nanami Cowdroy, A more detailed one of their illustrations. Really beautiful and a good response to light and tone using by the looks of it just inks.

 Karl Kwasny. I like the framing and patterns used to contain the illustrations.

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