Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Image... Japanese Illustration now

I took some books out of the library to research different illustrative styles that focus on portraits and people. One of the illustrations that I intend to produce is of a geisha, so I had a look at Japanese illustration, I also found some interesting styles that could work across all of my illustrations.

Some illustrations by Foorider. I really like this style of drawing, combining urban youth culture and Japanese art.

Kosuke Ikeda. An interesting mixture of simple line drawings, textures and patterns.

Mako Katsuta. All drawn entirely with ballpoint and Rotring pens. A really nice distinct style
with quite a gothic feel. 

 Marumiyan, part of a three person artistic collective, Sonora Graphics ( I love this busy, detailed style of illustration. Again I really like the mixture of colours and textures, they give the illustration great depth.

Natsuko Yoshino. One of my favourite illustrations found in this book. I like the look of white on a textured background, as I tend to do a lot of my own work on parcel paper.

Tadaomi Shibuya.

Takenaka, a more digital based illustrator. I particularly like the Geisha illustration below.

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