Friday, 16 March 2012

YCN... Shop fronts

This weekend me and Baljeet are going to sketch some shop front designs to see what will come up wih individually. I have looked at some existing stores for influence, mainly clothes stores, as our designs will be to reflect the merging of House of Herlihy and Lola&Grace.

This is Lola&Graces existing shop front. I think for the shop combining the clothing line should be a bit more simplistic and classic to reflect our packaging. Although I will include the existing Lola&Grace logo.

This shop front may be good to vector to mock up my design, it's a good angle and includes people walking by to show scale.

I like the idea of having mannequins in the window with large images hanging behind. This would be good for the images taken by the pool. Also it would be a good way to show the jewellery close up so that it is clear that it is a clothing and jewellery store, not just clothes.

Adding some unique details to the mannequins may be an option, although I don't want to take the focus off of the clothes and jewellery.

I like this design of Jane Norman's shop front. The clear glass front is similar to Lola&Graces design, although I think there should be some backing behind the mannequins, as it looks too busy being able to see the rest of the store.

The patterns that me and Baljeet have previously designed would look good on the actual window itself.

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